Spent all of last week with a new hiking buddy backpacking and hanging on Isle Royale. My first trip there. Had pretty good weather, one day of all-day rain, several days of glorious sunshine. No problems with cold, chilliest night was 40F which is no problem for me in my HH + SS.

Coupla pics:
That was probably the coolest hang. A National Park ranger camped in the next campsite over and was really interested in how well my HH worked, and was quite impressed with where I was able to hang.

This was the afternoon of the all-day rain. Big learning for me on this one is when you are traveling with others, especially ground dwellers, its nice to have a good-sized tarp to minimize weight. No sense in them hauling around an extra tarp that has to be set up, carried, etc. when you could just have a bigger tarp for your hammock that can be shared.

The next day:
Shows how well a hammock can be used as a clothesline the day after a rainy day. Had pretty much all my wet clothes hung someplace or another without having to bring along an extra rope for that use.

I have about 100 pictures, but those were the hammock shots. Overall, Isle Royale is a perfect place for hammock camping. Lots of trees everywhere. I did have to be a little selective of which campsite I chose, as not all had trees in just the right place, but no problemo.

Great spot and highly recommended if you've never been there.