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Some folks drink Coke, some folks drink Pepsi. Pepsi is sweeter, some people like that. Coke is a better mixer, some people like that. It really isn't much more than that when it comes to hammocks...of any kind
"Some people drink Pepsi, some people drink Coke... the wacky morning DJ says democracy's a joke"

Hope that doesn't get me mod'd.

My 2cents having both... first, because HH was the leader in camping hammocks, you're going to have 90% of everybody going form HH to WB as a matter of default. People always like to try new and "improved" things and then there is also a tendency to overstate how much better the improvements are. That said, details do make a difference, and there's a lot of different details about the WB that are appealing.

I love the classic HH bottom entry. If you have to deal with bugs, especially at night, nothing is better than having a light on inside the hammock and getting in and out of the hammock with no bugs coming in - because they are attracted to the net area where they can see the light.

Other than that, there doesn't appear to be much to sell the HH these days other than the availability of different sizes. The lay is arguably better in the WB and throw in other details, not the least of which is weight, and you've arguably got a better hammock. Still, as an all-in-one package(complete with tarp), the HH is hard to beat.