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    Sourcing Green/Black Net Hammock

    I'm looking for an on-line source for a dark coloured synthetic net hammock with no spreader bars.

    I can buy white ones anywhere, but I'd like OD green or black. I want to hang very unobtrusively in a jungle. I have done a reasonable forum and internet search and failed to fine one.

    Of course I'd buy one from a member, but I need it soon.



    Additional keywords for search index: string rope olive drab polyester

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    Check out Warbonnetguy's thread. He's taking orders and he has one that is black. The Black Bird has the net attached, and no spreader bars. He might work with you to get it to you quickly.
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    Could you dye a white one that meets your needs?

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    I apologise. I am looking for a string hammock. I find them cheaper, lighter, simpler and more durable than a fabric hammock, cooler in summer and warmer in winter (the mesh 'quilts' the insulation, but doesn't compress it across a wide continuous area.)

    I was under the impression I couldn't dye the polyester/nylon my hammock is made of.

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    I have successfully dyed tubular nylon webbbing. The dye that I used required it to be heated, which can be done on the stove top (but I used a crock-pot and let it stew for 20 minutes or so). Anyway the point is that the heat helps the dye permeate. It might be worth a try to buy some cheap fabric dye, and give it a test.

    Oh, I must also admit that in a few months the colors did fade to about half of the original intensity. Also I was dying over an existing color (Yellow) with a Blue dye to achieve Green. I would imagine that starting with white would give better results. Plus the more open weave of most ordage as compared to the dense weave of tubular webbing should allow it to accept more dye- but I am only guessing.

    BTW, a very interesting point you make about netting hammocks being warmer due to less compression of insulation...making mental note to self...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dblhmmck View Post
    BTW, a very interesting point you make about netting hammocks being warmer due to less compression of insulation...making mental note to self...
    The larger the mesh, the less the comfort, but the better the heat retention. I find it works best with my down sleeping bag which has a thin synthetic covering.

    I am currently preparing a goretex bivi bag and sleeping bag for a camping trip. The plan is still to hang, but this arrangement allows for a reasonably comfortable overnight if two suitable trees can't be found.

    I will have a go with some fabric dye.

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    If you don't mind the trouble of tying two sheet bends, look at camo netting from mil surplus stores/internet. The polyester camo netting has been plenty strong for my 220#. 10 feet of net and two 10-12 foot pieces of 1.5 inch polypro webbing and you will be in business.

    This webbing is not "string" but instead a mesh with 1/8" holes. The only problem I have had with it is mosquitoes biting through it.

    If you are looking for true "string" check out fishing nets. You can get black nets in the size you need from:
    You can still use a sheet bend for the ends. It is much easier and stronger than trying to use multiple strings.

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