Some folks wanted to see my snake skins made from a pair of FOREST GREEN TIGHTS I bought at a rummage sale, brand new for 50 cents. Here's a picture of the snake skins on my GuideGear 12x12 tarp with a 12-foot ridgeline:

100_0575.jpg 100_0578.jpg

Some folks wonder if there is an advantage to using pantyhose or tights vs. fabric to make snake skins. Here's how the snake skins from tights measure up:

1.7 ounces for the pair--the cordage to tie the two halves together is longer than on my organza set.

Here's the low down on another set of snake skins I sewed from 100% polyester organza:

1.9 ounces for the pair

Granted, 2/10ths of an ounce is not a lot. But the snake skins from tights are less bulky and help compress the tarp. Plus, they are easier to pull over the tarp because they are so darn stretchy. And I can't think of a better use for forest green tights!!!

Snake skins--basically--are a pair of tapered tubes. Pantyhose or tights ARE a pair of tapered tubes. But, of course, there's nothing wrong with sewing a pair of tapered tubes from fabric either.

Bottom line, both pantyhose/tights snake skins and organza snake skins are very light-weight and make stowing a tarp neatly and quickly very easy.