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    Withdrawn: gerber and cutco

    trying to finance some other toys. Up for sale are two mint Gerber knives and one Cutco.

    -Gerber Frisco Shiv. 8.5 total length with 4 inch blade. I've never used the knife for anything other than accidentally cutting myself. Mint condition. Double blade. knife clips into sheath. Hole in handle and sheath for lanyard. $90 shipping included CONUS.

    -Gerber Guardian II. 11.5 total length with 6.5 inch blade. Double blade. Leather sheath included. Almost no signs of wear, mint. $130 shipping included CONUS.

    -Cutco Clip point outdoor knife. 9.5 inches total lenght with 4.5 inch serrated blade. Leather sheath included. Has seen VERY light use (ie ropes and cordage, not for gutting animals). Transferable forever warranty. $80 shipping included CONUS.
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