My son and I went to site 95 on Wolf Ridge Trail in NC. The hike was wonderful. We had a lot of fun and goofed off a lot. It was a short hike and we planned on staying two nights but ended up coming home after the first night. Our hammocks and tarps held up great. As a matter of fact all of our gear has held up very well so far. My only failure to date is my water bladder. It broke on the way in. It had a rough scratch on it from a previous hike that didnt hold well when pressure was put on it with all of my gear in my pack. We saw a bit of wild life up there as well. One of the things we saw was the biggest Timber Rattler I had ever seen and it had a black belly and tail. It was gorgeous! The owls sang us to sleep and the rabbits and deer decided we were interesting enough to watch. Site 95 is not visited very often from what we can tell and this is a site we will visit again soon. I put part 1 of our hike on my youtube page. I'm not going to load this post with pics because I dont have the web space for it.