Took a vacation down to S CA last month. Planned to camp often, but no campsites arose at the right times burning down there on I-5. On the way back along the coast there were either no trees at the state parks or redwoods that were too large and too far apart to accomodate the 12-ft straps on my Speer IIIC. Finally, up in OR we found a couple of sites where I could hang. The first site had clear skies and a forecast for more of the same, so I took the risk of not putting up the tarp. The reward -- an awesome view of the night sky.

At the second OR site we had a typical coastal drizzle so the tarp went up. For the third time hanging in precipitation I was completely dry and cozy. This time I spurned my foam pad and rigged my JRB Hiker/Biker quilt as an underquilt. It fell off twice, but the third time I rigged it it stayed on and the result was amazing. So toasty warm! And far more comfortable (if that's possible) not having a foam pad underneath. The absence of heat loss through the bottom of the hammock seemed to do away with a need for as much of a quilt on top, which added even more to the comfort.

Now I'm going to have to acquire a Speer underquilt.