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    Quote Originally Posted by AdventureMyk View Post
    Yep, got mine at a local Walmart for $1.63, swapped out the AAA battery with a good one that lasted all night this past Sat.
    I have 2 of these and they only run about 5 hrs each with new batteries,,has to be a better longer running fan for a muliti day trip so you don't have to pack a bunch of batteries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brute1100 View Post
    On the older blue ones... There is a slit in the cover with a little paddle under the opening... If you just press your finger in there hard enough you can depress it far enough to get the switch to come on... I have also used a zipper "handle" to push it in before i knew my finger fit...
    Pop the white tab out and reverse the tension spring that is attached to the white pice of plastic. The fan will now turn on and off by just using the switch and no refill.
    I have the camo color one but the white tabs on the inside should be the same.

    I am trying to work out how to reverse the fan so it will make it a true air mover.

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