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I like it! very nice work! I think I would fall asleep in it as well.
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otter, that is a thing of beauty!!
I was thinking of an ENO hammock chair that I sat in at a store once. Didn't want to get out of that chair.

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Add a little laptop table to that 2x4 between your legs and it would be just perfect...
I couldn’t agree more, one is in progress. In addition, my Wife wants an adjustable foot rest, easily done but what this means is, I will have to make two chairs if I have any hope of sitting in one.

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Beautiful [o]tter. Any objections to me copying your chair?
Absolutely no objection, in fact I’m drafting the instructions (.pdf) this week. The chair is a new version of the chair I use for winter hangs (Winter Recliner)….keep it between us, the new chair folds out into a hammock!