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    i may have mentioned this before, but covering it with ripstop will give it comfort, wicking, and anti-tear properties. i've used c3 sailmaking tape from to attach ripstop to the 1/8"ccf with great success. (the tape is double sided) i just put tape along the peremiter of the pad and then an x across the center. then i lay the fabric out smooth, and drop the taped side of the pad onto the fabric. then just cut off the excess and hit w/lighter. if using a cut pad, cut the pad prior to tapeing it to the fabric, and don't cut any wedges out of the fabric. this solves the stickiness of the pad i like both sides covered so the pad is easier to jerk around underneath me. since it has the tendency to stick to the hammock as well your back.
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    Which size GG pad do you have?
    1/4" x 41" x 61" trimmed to fit the silk liner.

    Not quite sure how it helps as a pack liner, though, as it does not form a waterproof seal, of course.
    Oops... sorry, wrong terminology. I meant as a frame for a frameless backpack, not as a waterproof liner.

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