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Thread: 1st buy nx-150

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    Quote Originally Posted by bschap1 View Post
    hey everyone, my nx-150 comes to my door Friday morning. I know most of you ride the 250 but i was more wondering about 1st setup as i'll be heading out early afternoon. I've watched some setup vids like the one here which is very helpful. Curious about length to trees and also how the Clark instructions are, or any other wisdom i can steal from anyones 1st time setup. thanks. digging this forum so far
    -ordered the 150 with standard fly and tree straps
    Hey Chappy
    Glad to see another NX150 Brother
    I have hung mine between trees from as close as 10 feet, to about 30 or 40 feet . . .
    . . . no tape measure, eh ! . . .

    The longer the distance the higher up the tree you want to get,
    and the hang is pretty close to the ground.
    You will want to hang the 150 with what will seem to be extreem sag,
    then as you try it, you can swing out and adjust tighter if nessessary.
    The goal is to be able to zipp the netting easily while laying in,
    and I still like a little sag in the netting when laying there.
    If you go off for the day and leave the NX150 set up, cause it looks so COOL . . .
    . . . do remove the rods, or at least take them out of the straps on each end.
    I found leaving it set up with rods in place,
    gave the rods an undesired curve in their memory.

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