I recently received my HG Incubator and Burrow, and I must say there is something about HG stuff that just speaks to me. Its nothing I can put my finger on, its just beautiful in its appearance and its function. I tried to explain it to a buddy of mine over the phone and he thought I was crazy, he came over to check them out and at the risk of his wife leaving him, he is considering pulling the trigger on the same set up. The best I could come up with is that they feel like they are made with love, by people who love what they do. Jenny is amazing, I received my package and the pillow that she said she would throw in for free was absent. I sent off an email and the next business day I received an email from her explaining that my order was ready to ship, but the pillow would have held up the order, so they shipped out my pillow separately. It arrived later that same day. What really impresses me is how they incurred a separate shipping fee, to send a free pillow, all so that they could get me as much of my gear as possible, as soon as possible. I'm in the dog house with my wife and already I am looking at another set up quilts, for warmer conditions (my quilts were of the 15 degree variety- 20+overfill). The quality of goods and services over at HG are outstanding. Thank you Jenny and Adam, and any and all the other folks at HG, I will most certainly be a customer of HG for life for all my quilt needs.