I recently ordered a Lite Owl and I have to admit, its gorgeous. I wasn't so sure I would like the brown that it comes in, which from the pictures seemed a little too gold, however it is perfect. It is very comfortable and the Knotty Mod works great. I was coming from a ENO DN, which is roomy and comfortable, but I hated how floppy it was. After some back and forth with Marty I was able to determine what my needs were and how they could be accommodated and within days my new Lite Owl had arrived. I had some questions regarding the color options for the Big Daddy Tarps also by Wilderness Logics so Marty included some shop floor scraps so I could get a better feel for the colors. I really appreciated it and it made me feel much better about which color I plan on ordering in the future. The stitching its beautiful, the lay is as flat as my wife wishes my belly was, and much like my HG quilts, you can tell that they are made by someone who loves what they do. I would like to thank all those at WL for making such fine products. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.