I got some shock cord and 4 little clips from Dutch which I connected to the ends of the shock cord that I looped at the end. I can clip to the loop on the other door either inside or outside the tarp in hex mode and I think they are just, long enough to reach the side pullouts like in Shug's video (thanks Shug, you info is most appreciated!). I loop the shock cord over nail stakes when I want the doors closed with a little ventilation.

I fold the tarp to pack it as Adam suggested and it fits early back in the 0.1 oz cuben stuff sack that came with the tarp. I also pack my stakes and tree straps/whoopie slings in the same sack.

I have long arms so if I grab each end ipifnthe ridge line at the D-rings and fold it in half and then just keep folding I can get it folded down all by myself and actually find a breeze helps with the folding. I will have to try it in a high wind to see how that goes. Maybe I will try to shoot a video sometime.