Hello all. I am very knew to this forum. I have read some other posts but I just want to be sure I am understanding things right. I am waiting for my HH EXP Deluxe Zip Asym to arrive. This will be my first hammock ever. I want to make sure when I hang it the first time I dont break the ridge line or anything. I weight about 245 as of this morning.

I have read that you should hang hammocks at a 30 degree angle. I read about the whole thumb and forefinger trick to get the angle right. I just want to know do you need it to be at this angle before you get in it or after. I am really new to all of this and just trying to understand it all. I would hate to break my new hammock because I did not know what I was doing. So if any of you veterans could please chime in and tell me how Im supposed to hang this thing. I would appreciate it. I do learn better by seeing stuff so if you all have any pictures or video of how to hang one that shows the angle of the suspension and the tautness of the ridge line I would be forever grateful. I know this is a noob questions but we all gotta start somewhere. Thanks for all of the help.