I just inspected my DIY hammock and I noticed the fabric had developed a hole in it there the larkshead knot went around the hammock.

This is the first time I used whipping instead of knotting. I only spent 2 nights in it under almost idea conditions. I only set it up once and did not move it around.

I am using the 7/64" armsteel for the whipping and the larkshead knot. The knot is right up next to the whipping. I did not notice any slipping of the whipping. It is not resting against the end seams.

I am using a nylon taffeta. I experienced a similar problem on some ripstop I was trying before. I think this is either a factor of how I am doing it or the rope I am using.

Before I was knotting the ends and using webbing without any issues.

Any thoughts?