Well, I finally got out of the garage! Thanks to all the help & ideas on this site, I finished (yeah, right!) my lightweight camping rig, consisting of a double-layer polyester hammock, camo outside/grey inside, a bug screen with ridgeline, and an asym diamond tarp. My wife's thread injector is on its last legs, but other than fighting with that crazy machine, the design and fabrication went pretty well. I'm extremely pleased with the results and the comfort.

Spent the first night on top of White Oak Mountain here in southern VA. Beautiful spot with great views. There were some issues with getting the tarp ends high enough to clear the hammock's hang lines since the trees were just a bit too close together - but considering I set up camp after dark, it worked out fine.

Here are a few pics and a video . . . I'm always interested in feedback & critique. Thanks!

Here's a short video: