Here's the story: Next Friday me, bry961 and our friend are doing a 3 day hike around manistee river/north country trail. I've been pretty broke lately and I don't have a ton of time to make gear (My hammock took enough time and I need to make one more this week). I need a tarp for myself and my friend just in case it rains. We're using ~130" HH-clone hammocks.


Easy to find
Good enough for 2 nights.

Doesn't have to be especially small, we just need to have SOMETHING in case it rains so we're not miserable/hypothermic.

Also, for anyone who knows the area (northern michigan) is it cool enough yet to go without bugnets? What if we drown ourselves in DEET?

(As of now the weather forecast is clear and mild except for 20% chance on saturday, but there is an omnipotent force that follows all of us around with the singular goal of slapping happiness out of our hands.)