I've been reading the thread asking what everyone's favorite under quilt is and am wondering the same for the top quilt. I'm already using a Speer Snugfit for my under quilt (...and loving it...rated for 30*, but I'm comfortable down to 25* easily), but have been patiently shopping the top quilts for a while now hesitent to pull the trigger. I like Brandon's Mamba, and am considering it, as well as the Flight Jacket offered by Underground Quilts. Any one out there use either and have any thoughts? Or, is there another you prefer?
I'm concerned about:
1. Comfort down to 20 or 25 degrees.
2. My height is 6 foot even and I'd like to be able to pull up over my head on cold windy nights.
3. I'd like room in the bottom of the quilt to be able to throw clothes in with my feet to warm them up for the morning while still having room to move my legs around.

Suggestions on a good Top Quilt?
Thoughts about additional features to look for?