so i brought my hammock to a weeklong scout camp as my first hang that wasn’t in my back yard, it was really nice for the first couple days but then it got cold for 2 nights and really rainy for 1.

now for my problems
1.) i started out the week with a cheap dollar store pad but i found it wasn't wide enough so the next night i used a reflector that you would put in your car window on a hot day, that was fine for 3 nights but then it got cold and i froze my but off.

2.) it rained 2 nights , one was a major thunder and lightning storm so i slept in a chair under our camps dining fly (dident really feel safe hanging between 2 trees) when i woke up the the next morning the clothes i had hung over my hammock ridgeline where wet, so im guessing the rain came down the tree straps


1.) instead of using a pad could i just use one of those heavy duty emergency blankets as an underquilt?

2.) how do you stop the rain from running down the treestraps?


ps. i really wish i would of taken a picture of my set up i thought it was cool