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    SOLD: Skeeter Proof On The Cheap Bug Net For Sale - SOLD

    I'm new to the thread injector. Selling one of my initial projects - polyester mesh bug net of the Cricket design lifted from the Fronkey style bug net. Shock cord closure at the bottom is easy access & exit.
    Not the world's greatest/straightest seams, but it's stuck together pretty well and works. About 114" long at the top & 41" tall. Pix are of it folded next to the Fronkey style Noseeum and it's the smaller one. Other pic is set up with my BIAS Micro WW. It's pretty tight at the top of this 11 ft hammock, but does work. Slept with it on for a few nights & no mozzies.
    Rolls up to about 3"x8". Will get it weighed tomorrow if that's of interest, but it should come out about the same as the Noseeums at about 8 oz.

    $35.00 shipped conus. Can do international for actual cost.

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