I have been a big fan of Tom Claytor's hammocks, promoting and praising them on this forums and several backpacking forums like Backpacker Mag and whiteblaze.

I'm still very satisfied with my Claytor hammocks, but I can no longer recommend his hammocks because a recent recommendation to a friend has resulted in an unsatisfactory experience.

My friend inspected her Claytor hammock upon receiving it and she found that the inside hem was fraying near the middle of the hammock (just about where one would have the back of her knees while entering or exiting the hammock.) There was also a double row of removed stitched marks where the side of the hammock had obviously been mistakenly folded and stitched together, then the stitching removed.

Upon contacting Tom about the defects she was told to burn the frayed edges and not worry about the errant stitch holes. That simply is the worst possible response he could have given. It exhibits not only a complete lack of concern for quality control of his product but also a "customer be ****, I've got your money" attitude.

The response should have been "send me back the old one, a new one is already on the way, I'll refund your shipping cost."

I don't know how much Tom made on that deal by screwing my friend, but he will never make a another penny on any other friend of mine.