I am VERY excited about hammock camping! However, the customer service and quality I received with my Claytor hammock could have been better.

I dove in and bought what I thought to be a great quality hammock as recommended by my friend and avid outdoorsman. I made the $180.00 purchase of a Claytor jungle hammock. I was stoked to go on my first overnighter with my hammock. Upon set-up I noticed two things: 1- a foot long fringe near the zipper and the v-shaped hole sequence I predict was made by a mistaken sew which was ripped out and re-sewn.

My friend, who has had a great experience with Tom, prompted me to email Tom with a written description and pictures when I got home- which I did. His response was NOT what my friend thought it would be.

Tom gave me two options: 1- singe the fringe with a lighter and ignore the dot sequence as it was not a structural flaw OR 2- return it for another one.

I have now inquired three times about pre-paid shipping because the first two times of inquiring about the company paying for shipping I only received an email response with an address. I feel the company wants ME to pay for THEIR mistakes. I dont feel I should incur any additional costs to receive a non-defective hammock nor incur shipping costs to return the hammock.

With such poor customer service, unless Tom does a complete turn around, I will look the receive a FULL refund which includes shipping costs.

My confidence has run thin with this comapny. I will keep you posted as to Tom's final verdict. I am holding onto a thin piece of hope that this comapny will make this right.

Thanks for listening.