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    Sometimes my scouts amaze me

    Our troop went on a campout this past weekend. Went to camp amd fish on the Edisto river. I as well as a friend of mine took our hammocks as usual. One scout took out this "thing" and began to hang it up. It was a homemade hammock that he and his mom have been working on! It was really cool. The next morning as I woke up there was about 10 scouts just standing in the distance looking my way....I asked what was up and they told me that they thought the hammock was "cool". That whole day between fishing and playing around the boy that had made his own hammock was, well for a lack of a better phrase, selling the boys on hammock camping! He has emailed or given his design to at least a half dozen boys. I asked him how all this came about and he said, "don't you remember when me and you talked about hammocks and you told me about that hammock web site". "Well me and mom went to it and got the info and went from there!" I swear those boys amaze me evrytime I get aroung them!

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    Something I forgot to mention. He and his mom had made straps similiar to the ENO slap straps. They had took a web material and sewn loops on the inside and had put D rings on the hammock itself so he could adjust the length.I was really impressed with the workmanship...workwomenship...and everything about it!

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    That's cool. I even like the name "Thing".
    You've got to post some pics after the next campout.
    I'm working on a Desert Camo HH clone for my son's next campout. Hoping to get some converts also.
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    We had 3 in hammocks on our last campout including me. I think we are going to get more over to the dark side as time goes on. Claytor makes a nice $40 hammock for those that can't sew.

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    This past weekend I was camping with our scouts. I took my Hennessy and also took my DIY camo hammock for the boys to play with. They loved it after their day hike when they were all tired. We had to time them so they would quit fighting about who was to be in hammock.

    Gotta watch 'em though. They were trying to swing each other in complete "around-the-world" circles while laying in it. The DIY held up admirably.

    As one boy was leaving at the end of the weekend, I heard him trying to talk his mom into getting a hammock for their backyard. Gotta love that!

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