I purchased a HG Cuben tarp earlier this year. I used it on a canoe trip in early May. I then set it up in my back yard here in hot-Texas and left it…For several months. Included in its abuse was a Texas thunderstorm with 50 to 70 MPH winds hitting it. I then noticed some fabric pulls up near the D-rings on the ridgeline, like the fabric was separating. I contacted Adam and Jenny. We exchanged some emails and they were going to send me some repair tape. But I sent them a photo of the areas and they wanted me to send the tarp back for them to repair, no charge! I let them know that I suspected leaving it up for over two months in the blazing Texas sun and at least one high wind event caused it and I was willing to pay for the repair. Well, I sent them the tarp. They called me up to let me know they wanted to examine it and how much of a hurry was I in for it back. I let them know I was in no hurry. So several weeks go by and I then get a notification of a package shipped, two day USPS to me. I got the package with the wonderfully repaired tarp and THEN they cashed the check for the repair.
Wonderful people to work with.