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    Quote Originally Posted by Captn View Post
    Wish I was there too ... Ended up working all weekend with one of my customer's plants going down at midnight
    We missed you brother, I understand priorities and look forward to seeing you and your first mate next year!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gimpy View Post
    Got back from Fairfield with the intentions of following Spivey (spelling) back to Fort Worth after he got his car started (big thanks to Rat). However, when everybody left, his car stalled and he could not start it. I offered him a ride home, but he worked with the park rangers and will stay another day at Fairfield.
    Glad you made it home. Thank you, Rat, ETH, Tim, Sandpiper, Kat and all the others who helped with the vehicle resurrection attempt. Gospidey, I'm glad you were with us buddy and hope that the peace of the extra night wipes out some of the stress of the car issues.

    Thank you Sandpiper also for your cozy constructing and making sure the crime scene tape around Spaceweaseal's near death experience was removed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buck View Post
    Just wanted to say thanks to UncleMJM and whoever else helped put this together. The family and I had a great time. It was real pleasure to meet everyone.
    Thank you for sharing your family with ours.

    Quote Originally Posted by spaceweaseal View Post
    I had a great time this weekend and it was nice meeting everyone..
    Glad the tree Caveman pushed on you before this hang didn't kill you and I appreciate your contribution to the give away prize table. Please let the folks at BIAS know that you really did give it away and not keep the good piece of gear to yourself.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Wanna Bs View Post
    I hate that I can not remember the names of all I need to thank. Thanks Uncle Mike for throwing the party and all the work put into it. Thanks Throkda and wife for giving us an entire afternoon teaching us some of the tricks to hanging and loaning us the underquilts etc to hang warm. Thanks to Louis for loaning us tarps so we did not worry about predicted rain. Thanks to Katylyn? for the great lesson on prickley pears etc. Thanks to Chris for teaching my husband how to make Whoopee lines. Thanks to wonderful V8 stove making lady for giving me one of her stoves. I can hardly wait to try it. Thanks to all who brought more than an army could eat at the potluck. Thanks too all who showed us up close their hangs. Thanks to God for the beautiful weather and the beautiful world.

    Quote Originally Posted by sargevining View Post
    Thanks to Uncle Mike, Alan, and all the others who made this event an unqualified success. Thanks to Stove Man Dan and Underground Quilts for providing the swag my son and daughter-in-law won and the Venom Stove I got. He needed a hammock and tarp, and I needed the stove.

    Breakfast was primo, the pot-luck even better.
    Glad you and your kin could join us Sarge. I'm looking forward to hearing Scout the Wonder Dog's impression of the weekend.

    Hopefully Stoveman Dan can join us next time, I hear the idea of being a snowbird is appealing to folks up north. I hope Paul from UGQ is on the mend as well. Along with their unsolicited gifts to our prize table were some great accessories from Stu at WhoppieSlings who made the right choice to help with family rather than make the trek. We really appreciate each of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kattelyn View Post
    What a wonderful weekend!

    First thanks goes to Uncle Mike. It is through you that all of this happened. Your organizational skills, avid promotion of our hobby, and sheer charisma made all of this possible. Thank You!

    And, I also want to give thanks for some of the best breakfast tacos in Texas. Those things are awesome! Your generosity was greatly appreciated by all.

    Great food, campfires, music, fun stories, and more new friends at every turn... and a good night's sleep to round it all out. I can't wait til next year!
    Glad you were with us too and next year can't come quickly enough for a number of us.

    Quote Originally Posted by oldgringo View Post
    People, it was good to see all of you at what has become, in effect, a reunion. Thank you all, and I hope to see many of you soon @ Caddo.
    It was a family reunion and I'm glad you were part of it my friend. You and our growing family made for a memorable weekend.

    Quote Originally Posted by sr1355 View Post
    Man, looks like it was a great time for all. Bummed I missed this one as it would have been a lot of fun meeting everyone...
    Your gifts were well appreciated and although you couldn't make the trip folks benefited from your participation. Be patient with the healing, and hopefully we can see you next year.

    Quote Originally Posted by Caveman View Post
    It was an awesome weekend. That's to all for being so great!
    My words exactly Caveman. Please thank Reggie for bringing you along.

    Rat and BF5 thanks for the pictures and wonderful fellowship.

    Shane has started the Trip Report thread so if you haven't seen it, by all means click to it.

    Alan, thank you for being there from the very beginning, all your support, your friendship, and for serving as a collection agency. In spite of the late cancellations and folks expected who were not able to make it, we have our expenses all covered now.
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