Hi everyone! I’m please to announce that LeighLo’s Hammock Quilts is up and running again. I took a few months off after graduating college and now production is back in full swing. We’ve switched a few things up. We’re no longer taking orders and only selling in stock quilts. So check out the updated webstore at www.hammockquilts.com to see what we have.

We’re offering two lengths of underquilts: 48” and 66” in a variety of color combinations. The new underquilts will be rated at 15* and 30*. We think that these will fill a niche the current market is lacking. Also, check out the updated underquilt suspension that combines the best of corner and side suspension

Top quilts will be up within the next couple weeks, so check back soon!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact me at LeighLo@hammockquilts.com.

Thanks! Leigh