Ok so I ran across this forum and it is absolutely great. I have an idea for a lightweight pod-ish hammock. I don't want to make the whole thing, just modify an open hammock. I am debating between the TrekLight double and the TTTM double or even king. The plan is to close the top up and add some netting to keep bugs out but still allow for ventilation. Which would offer the most room inside without going overboard, im 6'3 155lbs (so its a pod for a string bean....) I know that they are all pretty much exactly the same (and that tttm mostly makes them all truthfully) but i don't know if getting the king size is just going overboard for 1 person. I still want to have room to kick my knees out or curl up in the fetus position and miss my mommy. Which open hammock would you recommend? I'll draw a pic of my ideas if anybody wants to see them. Thanks