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I have one of these, though I haven't used it in a couple years. I put an amsteel loop and webbing cinch buckle suspension on mine. I used some fabric glue to put a few squares of velcro to address the wandering pad problem (I used a windshield reflector/reflectix pad) but eventually just started putting my thermorest inside my sleeping bag. Also, mine came with a bunch of little clips for securing the edge of a pad. I never tied mine out or had it capsize with me in it. It is pretty heavy but you have to compare its weight to what would be a similar setup of a hammock, tarp, bug net, and weather undercover(the bottom is waterproof). The weight didn't bother me nearly as much as the bulk. It is not very pack friendly. I might give it a spin in the pulk this winter, though.
Great tips, thanks doody