Because to this point, I've always needed the attached bug net while camping, I've always used side pull outs to give me some movement room without feeling like a fish in a net. I have used my prior hammocks in the basement without the bug net and end up losing my quit throughout the night if I don't use the pull-outs (hopefully the Knotty Mod will fix that on this model).

I will have to try to see if the weight in the shelves will cause it to rub, but they do hang pretty separate from the hammock and since they are on the low ends, I think that it will hang below me.

I guess I'll just have to spend Many nights experimenting . . . oh bummer . . . "Honey, I have to go do R&D in the woods, Bye!"

BTW, I have included so many great mods on this hammock I do want to thank those who inspired these, including those that I haven't mentioned by name.