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Couldn't have tied something on it to work... I replace most of my zipper pulls with something else... Longer usually...
I have very long hair, I have a assortment of "Hair Pins" to keep my hair out of my face. You can do all sorts of things with the proper hair pin. They work on zippers, poking little buttons, and many other uses.

I think the zipper pulls are added at the end of putting the zipper on the gear. Sounds like a major quality control issue.

When I bought my ENO I left it sitting for a long time, when I went to use it the biner was crummy. I called ENO, they were very helpful, they sent me two new biners right away. I was impressed with the service and attitude.

Hennessy sure was not nice to deal with, my 2 month old tarp has the finish separating from the nylon, I am not impressed. I am not even going to contact them about the issue, since they were nasty when I called about the Snake Skins I purchased direct from them, had a hole in the seam, I noticed the hole when I opend the package they arrived in.

ENO was really excellent, I would have bought the biner from them, very nice to deal with.