So far, my new NX250 has been treating me well, but I have a problem...

I have a slight allergy to polyester. Not enough for it to be dangerous, but enough for it to be an annoyance. And you don't really get sleeping bags made without polyester lining nowadays. My traditional tenting solution has been to use a liner made in silk or cotton, but my experience so far has been that using a separate liner does not work in a hammock. You just have to spend way too much time trying to position it right, etc, it's simply not worth it.

So what I'm thinking is: UQ and wool blanket. Since the UQ is on the outside, it doesn't really matter what it's made of. But how far down temperature-wise can I expect this solution to work?

Also, which UQ should I chose? Price, weight, volume are all important factors, and it would be nice if the UQ would work with other hammocks as well if I decide to expand, given that UQs seems to be almost as expensive as the hammocks themselves.