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    Solutions for condensation and cold??

    Since this is in the "weather protection" forum, I don't want to limit this discussion to tarps. All over / under quilts and bedding should come to mind as well.

    I just have a rectangular tarp at the moment. And my six tie-out straps aren't long enough for me stretch it any farther away from me at the moment. But now that I've had to get in and out of this thing for a couple nights, it will definitely be solved when I get home in a couple weeks. I actually enjoy it so close to me, because it keeps me warm. Vacationing North and didn't expect it to get so cold, really. Just packed one backpack and left to meet some friends who have been camping out for months now.... but I don't want to return home as soon as I originally planned.

    I'm really looking for the lightest "packing" underquilt and tarps that are easy access, ability to open/close ends to hopefully solve condensation, and, again, be the lightest "packing" (brand? or polyester?)

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    I have a Summer Jarbridge River, which I find comfortable down to just over 40°. It weighs 13 oz, and packs down as big as a large cantelope. It is made with 3 oz Climashield, with a standard DWR ripstop shell. It deploys with one S-biner on each end, clipping to the suspension just above the gathered end of the hammock. Could not be simpler.

    As for a tarp, I believe the nature of keeping it that close to you is the issue. If you put it higher it will not trap the moisture (condensation) as much. But I think I understood from your post that you know that. Not sure what else I can offer regarding this...
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    The lightest will be a 1/8 in ccf pad. Not an UQ, I know.

    I am a little lost as to your question. "lightest packing brand? or polyester?" I am not really sure what you are asking here.

    The condensation on your tarp is definitely due to its closeness to you, getting a tarp with ends that open/close will not solve your condensation issue. It needs to be farther from your face. I am not sure how much warmth that really provides; that would be an interesting experiment to quantify. Perhaps it was a typo, but using straps for tarp tieouts is rather heavy regardless of length.

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