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    Tree to Tree

    Decided to head to Duluth and cross another paddle off of my bucket list on my days off. Boyfriend and I set out Wednesday morning and got to Two Harbours MN. We saw a kayak shop and of course, we must stop. Coming out of there we look across the street and what do we see?? Tree to Tree - a place to hang...there's a hammock out front.
    Inside, there are a couple of hammocks set up so naturally, I hop in. Ohhhh, comfy! These two gals are making hammocks from cordura and fleece. These are not camping hammocks, not as we know them anyway. They're fairly heavy and don't pack up all that small. But wow, if any of you are looking for a nice warm cozy hammock to hang in at home, these are very nice. They have all different colours and different patterns of fleece (mine is zebra). This is my new bed since I don't need a separate underquilt as the fleece is quite warm. Kittykats love it too.
    Check them out if you like...

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    HooBoy! Those things are priced a little high.
    They do look quite comfy though.
    Trust nobody!

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