So I am new to the camping hammock world so bear with me. I recently purchased the All Terrain Hybrid Hammock (ATHH) V2 from for a good price ($58.15 inc shipping before tax). It has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of camping gear. Hopefully I can upload pictures of its uses in the field before too long and give a full report.

The ATHH came with two 10 feet pieces of rope to hang the hammock. Which I have replaced with the "Travel Hammock Hanging Kit" which consists of two 20 ft pieces of rope. But I figured for less than $6 from I could not go wrong. (By the way when the kit came in it was packaged under the Grand Trunk brand name).

My question for the experienced Travel Hammock users, is do you trust the knot system that comes with the Travel Hammock? I have seen the videos online demonstrating how to hang the hammock, and it looks incredibly simple. But I have reservations with using their knot system. Does anyone know how strong it is? Instead of using their knots I have been using this relatively simple system of knots to string up my hammock (Many props to youtube and rayd888). I feel this is a better and more secure way of hanging a hammock. Or are my worries unfounded? Thanks in advance!

PS I have also removed the two S-hooks which the ATHH came with and have replaced them with lightweight climbing carabiners.