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    Switchback going on a Circuit Hike - Signup!

    Hey Folks,

    We have been getting quite a few questions about where one can try or look at a Switchback. Trying to find someone online who is close enough and is willing to loan out their Switchback can be a nightmare, so we have come up with a solution. We are going to put our gear on a Circuit Hike. We will ship a new Switchback 1.9 DL rigged with our new Ring Buckle Suspension & 12' Tree Straps and our 10'x12' CatCut Tarp to the first person who posts a request and PM's us with the request (the posts take precedence). They get to try it out for 10 days. They will then ship it (at their cost) to the second person (similar to the "Pay it Forward Box"). In the PM, please include your "ship to" postal address, email address and a phone #(email & phone is for our records and wont be given out to anyone). We will send your "ship to" address to the person sending you the gear.
    There are a few rules to this:
    1. You must be a Hammock Forums member in the lower 48.
    2. Please, do not modify the Hammock, Suspension, or Tarp.
    3. If the Hammock, Suspension or Tarp becomes damaged, DO NOT FORWARD, return it to us.
    4. Please forward after the allotted 10 days.
    5. Keep the gear as clean as possible.
    6. Please, no pets in the Hammock, someone who receives it after you may be allergic to them.
    7. The last person to receive it will then ship it to us after their 10 days.

    We will ship once we have a minimum of 10 requests. Once we receive the kit back, we will then auction it off (silent auction by PM) with the proceeds going to Hammock Forums.

    Cheers, Dale & John

    Signup Spreadsheet Link
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