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    Question Expedition vs. Ultralight vs. Hyperlight

    Good Morning All ~

    I am about to purchase my first HH and I am curious if anyone would share the pros and cons that exist between the HH Expedition Asym Zip, the Backpacker Asym Ultralight Zip and the Asym Hyperlite Zip. Beyond the obvious weight differences, has anyone used all three and have opinions regarding them.

    A few points to help with your insights:

    1. I am trying to get my pack down to between 15# - 20# (the weight difference between the three types is important, but not critical).

    2. I am about 5'9" and <190#.

    3. I generally solo hike around the Northwest in the Cascade Range, the Olympic National Park or along the Pacific Coast.

    4. Cost is not a deciding factor - overall quality/usefulness is.

    5. In your opinion, why is one model better than others? Details are appreciated.

    Thanks for your feedback.
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