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Thanks...now I know that they are a quality product.

Why did you move from the BP UL Asym to the Explorer UL?

In my case it was an unreckognized mistake...

I ordered a Hennessy, at that time (2003) through the UK, before I went on a RTW trip for 2.5 years. As my departure date came near, still no hammock, so I called and asked what's happening and explained.

Two days later my hammock arrives. I leave (with that hammock).

Two days later a second hammock arrives. Which I learn of later through email and telephone contact with the folks back 'home'.

After email contact with the seller in the UK, I could keep it, so loaned it to a friend who used it and later my brother who went on a RTW trip too.

I came back (end of 2005) and ended up with two great hammocks and sold one (not even noticing which one) and kept the other....

But as the saying goes: HYOH ...and since we have so many choices now, that decision isn't easy...

Grtz Johan