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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannibal View Post

    The underlying question is will it be comfortable, not will it fit.
    Quote Originally Posted by germanlove View Post
    Hi all,

    So, I want to replace my bed with a hammock. The problem is, I only have 10 feet between the walls in my bedroom.
    Does anyone have any recommendations?

    Or does anyone think it just shouldn't be done?
    I'm 6'1", so I'm afraid that 10 feet just wouldn't be enough of a hanging distance for a comfy sleep every night.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


    it can be done with the right hammock, i'm a full timer and use a stand with 122" between the attachments points. most often i'm sleeping in an ENO DN and occasionally a table cloth hammock. i've found that the hammock length for me is limited to 9'6", 114" have tried longer hammocks but while even tho more comfortable (in the trees), don't work very well with the stand that i have. either way it still beats sleeping in a bed.....

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    Thanks for all of the insight, everyone. I'm rather impressed, this is a pretty cool forum. I've decided to spend a week or so sleeping in a small, cheap hammock that I already have and see how it goes. I figure if I can stand that for a week, then 10 feet will be plenty of space for whatever hammock I finally choose. But don't worry, if it doesn't work out on the cheap hammock, I won't give up entirely on the idea. I'll just be back to where I am now. Thanks again!

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    Good idea to try out a cheap hammock first. 10' seems a little short to me, depending on the hammock. I have eye-hooks installed in my walls and always have a hammock up in my room, usually a Brazillian style like this one: Brazilian Hammock, or in the summer a woven-string one that is cooler.

    One thing I have noticed though is that when using a hammock full-time, sleeping in it every night, and relaxing side-ways in it with the laptop in the evenings, it gradually stretches over time, and I have to have another set of eye-hooks a little farther apart. Maybe that is just my weight though, I was pretty heavy (used to be 260 lbs).

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    I don't know about that particular hammock, in the usual camping hammock that distance would not be a problem. In my 11' hammock, my ridgeline line is 98" so I would not have much adjustability but that distance would probably work out to directly hooking my CL to some sort of hook much lower on the wall. When I hang in my carport, I am at 18'6" but that is dictated by hanging from the ceiling and achieving the floor height I want. Use the hammock hang app for correct distance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by olddog View Post
    This is the one I use every night. It's 10'10" but could be shortened to 10' without affecting the hang much. Good luck on the fulltime.

    Looks great.

    What kind of hooks are those that attach on the ends?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilvrSurfr View Post
    Wow, that's pretty pricey for a cotton hammock.

    In my office I have two eye bolts 9.5 feet apart screwed into the ceiling. The ceiling is one of those that slants from 8 ft, to a 4-ft step wall. I have the eyebolts at 5'3". I hang a $12.99 tablecloth hammock from that and have been sleeping in it for the last week. While I have no adjustability (I'm using continuous loops rather than whoopie), I haven't needed any since the lay is perfect.

    So my answer is yes, you could probably hang in a 10 ft. space, since I'm doing it. I just wouldn't do it with a hammock like the one you're considering. At 6'1", you're not going to enjoy the 8 ft. bed length. Though the hammock is listed as 132 inches long, 34 inches of that is the rope/string suspension.

    You'd probably be just as happy with a tablecloth hammock - I've been sleeping like a rock in mine.
    +1 on this. I'm totally in awe with my tablecloth hammock . Can't beat the price for crinkly taffeta and you won't be out a lot if it doesn't work for you.

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    Here's my two cents. Found these last night searching the interwebs for a fulltimer, they have several sizes...
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    My forum name is Fish<><; I'm in the navy; and I hate sleeping on the ground. If I didn't need ground to walk on or measure resistance to, I think I could happily give it up.

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