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The underlying question is will it be comfortable, not will it fit.
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Hi all,

So, I want to replace my bed with a hammock. The problem is, I only have 10 feet between the walls in my bedroom.
Does anyone have any recommendations?

Or does anyone think it just shouldn't be done?
I'm 6'1", so I'm afraid that 10 feet just wouldn't be enough of a hanging distance for a comfy sleep every night.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


it can be done with the right hammock, i'm a full timer and use a stand with 122" between the attachments points. most often i'm sleeping in an ENO DN and occasionally a table cloth hammock. i've found that the hammock length for me is limited to 9'6", 114" have tried longer hammocks but while even tho more comfortable (in the trees), don't work very well with the stand that i have. either way it still beats sleeping in a bed.....