Hi All. I posted the following in the Hennessy forum, and received some good feed back. I wanted to post it here as well, to see what Blackbird owners thoughts were, as the Blackbird was suggested to me by a friend as a possible solution.

I have recently spent my first few nights in the woods in my new Hennessy hammock (my first hammock) which I purchased after trying out a friend's Hennessy briefly. He is a big guy (6' 4" probably 220 lbs if I had to guess) and has always said its the most comfortable he sleeps anywhere. I am not a big guy (5' 10" 165 lbs), so I figured I would have plenty of room in an Expedition Asym.

I had a nasty ankle injury back in 2005 which required a few surgeries, and long hikes will cause the ankle to stiffen up. After just a few hours the first night in the hammock, my feet and legs became pretty uncomfortable. There was constant pressure on my ankle from some direction unless I crossed my legs.. it just feels like (even laying across the axis as recommended) my feet are gathered into a single point tightly no matter how I squirm around. I found there to be plenty of room for my shoulders and the rest of me, and enjoy the other features of the hammock.. but if I can't figure out how to free up my ankle a bit I may have to seek other options.

The questions that come to mind - Am I perhaps laying in it incorrectly? Hanging it incorrectly? Do I need to slide up towards the head more perhaps? Are there other hammocks which might solve this issue? If all hammocks do this, perhaps they aren't the answer for me..

It has been suggested by a friend that the Blackbird might be a good alternative.. thoughts?

Thanks in advance for any advice! - Zack