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Unfortunately I have to go on the PUP list for this hang. I will not be attending. I will be making a lot of doctors wealthier in Boston, however. Wound-up in the ER straight from the NEHHA Winter Hang.

ER Doc: "You were WHERE, this weekend?" "Outside?!" "In THIS cold weather?" "Why?"

ER Doc #2: "Were you in a fire? All your clothing smells like smoke!"

ER Intern: "He has BIRCH BARK in his pockets!"

Made for some very interesting conversations, I'll tell ya!

Enjoy the hang, folks! I REALLY wish I could make it, but alas, I can not at this time.


~ SkyPainter
Sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better. You will be missed.

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Slow down bud, there's no reason to get crazy here.......seriously thats just mean I tell ya