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    Just dropped by the camp, took the dogs for a walk. (Yeah, I'm that close)
    Ran into Blackfoot and Tinkr, scoped the group camp ground.
    A balmy 27 degrees with a nice breeze.
    Plenty of trees and a lone latrine. Lol

    For those coming from the North.
    NJTPK to Exit 7
    South on Rt 206
    You will pass the Vincentown Diner at 206&38 (530)' nice big Wawa on your left w/ gas
    On South past Vincentown to the Red Lion Circle 206&70 (Red Lion Diner, good food)
    3/4 of the way around the circle staying on 206 South
    Past the State Trooper Barracks and another 1/2mi to left on Carranza Road (just b4 Speed Shop)
    Straight on Carranza just over 8 miles
    You will pass by Seneca HS, on thru downtown Tabernacle, home of Nixons General Store for good eats...
    Slow down at Schulties farm to 25mph, on into the woods, past "Costello Prep"
    Look for the Carranza Memorial on Right, make a left at tree with Blue Blaze

    Carranza Memorial

    Botona Camp Entrance
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