Hi, Fellow Hangers,

I'm recovering from surgery subsequent to a boating accident in which I lost my left leg above the knee. I will not be able to backpack for 12-15 miles a day with a 50 lb. pack as in the past. But I will NOT let this injury keep me out of the wild that I love. So I have adopted a new goal of ultralight backpacking and have been intrigued, as I sit here healing, by the prospect of carrying a hammock instead of a tent. I'm amazed by all the advances since assembling what appears now as ancient and burdensome gear ... which my young and strong sons shall inherit!

I have always enjoyed a hammock on car camping trips. But to see it as alternative to a tent ... doubling as a chair ... tripling as a bivi ... is a revelation to me. So, I have enjoyed browsing here, and reading many excellent comments and discussion.

Thank You,