Hey my name is Pål(Paul)from norway
I'm an electrical engineer and in my sparetime I fish salmon/trout/hike etc.

I've been hiking/camping for many years.
And as I've progressed through numerous of tents and lavvo's I've reached a point were constantly adding items to
improve comfort(field bed/woodstove) I was adding so much weight to my load that I got limited to my canoe.
(which I love, don't get me wrong).

Tentipi Safir 7bp. By far the best lavvo(fabric alone is 10kilo). Made in Sweden

After alot of thought, and watching Shug's videos over and over again I decided to buy a hammock.
Ordered a Warbonnet Blackbird, Superfly camo and a Winteryeti uq. (using my sleeping bag as tq).

After 10days I finally recieved my hammock and I was very pleased with my purchase. Excellent service from Warbonnetoutdoors.com

My brother was the first to try out the new hammock(strait out the box)

Sadly I have not yet had the time to take a hike, as my daughter was born little over 2 months ago.
But I can't wait for a weekend in the woods, and to show some photos of hanging in the beautiful Norway

Happy Hanging