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    How about a Longer bmbh

    My bmbh is almost perfect. Only one problem. I am 6 foot 3 and so is the hammock. I bump both ends and if I slide any at all it becomes annoying.

    Adding a 6 inch foot box and or a head box would give comfort for taller
    hangers and more storage space for everyone.

    It should be an easy modification for JRB to do. I might try to do it myself.
    If I can get the nerve to cut into the end panel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by senecio-joe View Post
    My bmbh is almost perfect. Only one problem. I am 6 foot 3 and so is the hammock. I bump both ends and if I slide any at all it becomes annoying.
    Interesting. I am 6'3" as well, and have ridiculous size 15 feet to boot, but I don't have that problem with my BMBH. There certainly isn't a whole lot of extra length, but I find I have plenty of room for my big feet.

    I have the UL model, but I did try the other BMBH model before deciding on the UL, and I don't recall having a problem with that one either.

    I'm wondering if perhaps you use a pillow in your hammock, and perhaps that requires some extra room?
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    I use a pillow in the BMBH UL,, 10" x 14" synthetic pillow made by Cocoon with 2 oz of down added..alittle heavy,,but need a pillow and been working on the perfect pillow for my head and neck and finally have this one modded to work for me. I think BillyBob58 commented he almost needs no pillow in the UL so maybe he will chime in on his standard bridge hammock. Why don't you contact Jacks and see if they can custom make a longer bridge? Email them.
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