Hi everybody!

My good friend Hikerman2000 is converting me to "the dark side". We are frequent AT section hikers, and also like to head north for canoe trips. My main goals of switching to hammock sleeping are:
1) Reduce my overal shelter/sleeping system weight
2) Be more comfortable and warmer

I'm a gear nut and already had most of what I need so I just need to bite the bullet on insulation. But here's what I got going on so far:

Equinox 8'x10' Sil-nylon tarp w/ Nite Ize reflective cord & Figure 9s
Grand Trunk Nano-7 Hammock
Tree straps/toggles/whoopie slings/descender rings/ridgeline for suspension (all from Arrowhead Equipment)
Sea to Summit Pyramid Single bug net (I will make a seperate post about how I converted this for the hammock)

So thats about it right now. I've been looking at the 20F Incubator from Hammockgear.com as a UQ, and will prob just use one of my sleeping bags for a TQ for now.

Let me know what you guys think, and I'm always open to suggestions and advice.