Hi folks:

I'm Greg. I came here via Shug's videos which I found via John the Intense Angler's videos which I found via Jason Klass' videos which I found via learning about Tenkara fly fishing.

I'm a backpacker and fly fisherman who has lately been focusing on Tenkara fishing (Pole, line and fly only, no reel). And I've been moving towards ultralight camping which is why I am interested in hammock camping.

3 weeks ago I was backpacking up near Penner Lake and saw a group hang of about 5 guys right on the shore of Penner Lake. I thought "that looks interesting". But it was such a different way of thinking about backpacking that I wasn't really sure what to make of it. However, that night I spent an uncomfortable night on rocky ground sleeping on an angle and I was thinking about those guys in the hammocks. Hmm.

I just bought and have read "Hammock Camping" and am looking into the DIY aspect of hammock camping. I think this is something I could really get in to.

It's good to meet you all. Maybe we'll put some miles under out boots together in the future.