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    New ENO setup

    I needed a tarp and didn't have sufficient funds to get one that was made for a hammock. So I took the rain fly from a dome tent and tried it(1st image). In the second image it doesn't really look like I have much space inside but my hammock sags when I sit down and I have plenty of room. In the 3rd image i took 2 quarters and stuck them into the fabric and tied a slip knot over them. I did the same with the ridge line. I got that idea from the link below. The ridge line is run under the tarp(image 4). I have an ENO double nest hammock(image 6). And in image 7 that is the pack down size compared to my 750 mL camelbak bottle. The entire set up weighs 2.3 pounds.

    Also i need an uq for low 70s upper 60s and humid. Can anyone help??


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