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    Exclamation Hammock Product Services and design ethics ...

    Normally I'm pretty harden by what some people do in the business world as far as copyright infringements, taking credit for other peoples work with no credit to the rightful people ... I mean after all I've spend the last 30 years of my life dealing with companies in South America, Africa and Asia (China in particular). So normally I just do what I know is right and don't do business with those that do other wise and go on about my life ... However I just viewed a video that disturbs me because it involves our HF community and some folks I know rather well.

    When I have an issue in my business life I usually write an email and unload exactly how I feel ... helps to vent ... then delete it and write a more professional version to send. So I hope this comes across as the more professional version of my initial feelings on this matter.

    Back in April of 2010 2QZQ made a mod to my HH that is now called the MOD 4, This was the second one she made since she'd done it the month prior to Tim's hammock.

    Here's my review of the Mod done when I got back from overseas in April 2010

    I found a product review on YouTube by UKHammocks in GB showing the Mod they make complete with the triangle patch in the end, the bag to hold the netting ... in summary the very service and design developed by 2QZQ ... and if you watch the video and visit their website there is no reference to who actually developed this first. When I saw the video and pointed this out I was accused of "trolling" other people's posts.

    Here's his (Matt) video of his product service ... you can check when he was offering it, you can compare when he started ...

    It's not wrong to improve on something and offer it for sale ... but in my humble opinion it is just wrong to directly copy something and not even acknowledge the efforts of those that really did the development and pass it off has your own design.

    That's really not what this community is best known for.
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